Are you a trauma survivor that would benefit from a safe space where you can share your experiences with group members who have gone through similar challenges?

Through a sense of belonging and validation, a trauma-informed psychotherapy group can provide a supportive environment that helps group members feel understood and less alone in their struggles. 

Are you struggling with trauma symptoms? Self-blame? Shame? Has trauma impacted your ability to trust and form healthy relationships? 

As well as offering a safe space for group members to express their emotions related to trauma, a trauma-informed psychotherapy group can incorporate psychoeducation and skills-building components. Group members can learn coping strategies, relaxation techniques, and effective ways to manage trauma symptoms. 

Group psychotherapy allows for the development of social skills, fostering positive interactions with others and building trust in a safe environment. Witnessing others' progress and growth can inspire group members to believe in their own ability to heal and recover, developing a sense of hope and motivation for their own journey.

If you feel this is a group that you would like to be part of, please contact me via email expressing your interest in group psychotherapy.